Volunteer Management System

Octaria worked with the friendly team at the Coalition on Homelessness San Francisco to build a custom Volunteer Management System to suit their needs.

This system had the following requirements:

  • System had to be usable for people with limited computer skills
    • UI/UX was developed with a minimalist and easy-to-use approach
    • Separate admin privileges for tasks like deleting members
  • Organize by sub-group and tag/labels
  • Ability to email volunteers
  • Keep track of members wishing to unsubscribe

Resources used:


Main Menu

We went with a straightforward and minimalist approach. The Main Menu has 2 buttons for standard users, and an additional 2 buttons that only show up for Admin users.

Octaria - Volunteer Management System
Main Menu – Volunteer Management System


Add Volunteer

The add volunteer page uses Semantic UI as well as specific fields required.

Octaria - Volunteer Management System - Add Volunteer
Add Volunteer – Volunteer Management System


Admins alone can add additional labels, and this is done through a modal:

Octaria - Volunteer Management System - Add Label

Special fields include:

  • Availability: many-to-many mapping
  • Labels: many-to-many mapping
  • Organization: one-to-many mapping

Octaria - Volunteer Management System - Labels


Searching Users

Looking up volunteers is handled on a search page. Volunteers can be selected in the following ways:

  • Looking through the list
  • Searching on names
  • Filtering based on special fields


Octaria - Volunteer Management System - Search Users 1

Octaria - Volunteer Management System - Search Users 2


Once selected, users can be emailed individually.


Email Users

A summary of the selected users is shown, and the reply-to, subject, and email body details can be entered.

Unsubscribe functionality is tracked automatically by appending a footer to the email body.

Octaria - Volunteer Management System - Email Users