Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) – What and Why?

Software Development as a ServiceHave you ever had an idea for an application? Maybe this idea was for a product you were wanting to release or for internal use. Whatever the case may be, you will most likely need an experienced developer or team of developers to successfully complete the project. Most companies do not have a team of experienced developers ready to develop an application whenever they are told. Are you supposed to onboard new developers? Develop it yourself? The most economic answer would be to use Software Development as a Service (SDaaS).

What is Software Development as a Service?

Software development as a service is when a developer or team of experienced developers contract out their software development duties as a service to clients, and they provide this on a monthly subscription basis. By using a monthly subscription model, companies are able to easily forecast their engineering financials and keep things on a specified budget. SDaaS providers will provide development services that work within that budget.

Software Development

Why Software Development as a Service?

You may be asking yourself, “why would I use software development as a service instead of hiring a developer in house?” Here are a few benefits to hiring a software company and utilizing their software development services.

#1 Bypass Employee Onboarding

One of the top benefits of using software development as a service is bypassing the entire onboarding process. When hiring a developer, or any employee for that matter, you must take them through the onboarding process and pay them as well. When outsourcing to a software company that offers Software development as a service, you get to discuss your project off the bat and instantly start the development process.

Employee Onboarding

#2 Fit a Predefined Budget

When using SDaaS, you work with a specified monthly budget that may be less than the cost of a full-time hire. This allows for constant financial planning – no unexpected costs

#3 No need to Worry About Benefits

When hiring a developer, they will most likely expect a load of benefits. When outsourcing to a software company and using SDaaS, you are hiring them as a contractor and do not have to worry about employee benefits.

#4 Access To Highly Experienced Technology Professionals for Minimal Price

Companies that offer Software Development as a Service have experience with a vast array of different projects. These professionals are used to tackling new unfamiliar projects and are very good at shrinking the client-developer knowledge gap.

Experienced Technology Professionals

#5 Fast Turnaround

SDaaS companies are known for getting projects deployed fast. Due to their experience, they know how to quickly put the pieces together to deliver a high-quality product in minimal time.

How to Start Implementing Software Development as a Service

To take advantage of Software Development as a Service, it is important to find a company with good experience and reliable developers. Octaria’s team of software developers have the experience, customer service, and development skills to get your product deployed efficiently. To get started, click here to set up a discovery call.