Our Mission

Efficiently and humbly provide founders, startups, and entrepreneurs with quality resources to grow and achieve success.


We are a Houston, TX based software development company focused on helping scaling startups satisfy their software engineering needs. Our experienced team includes highly skilled product managers, software architects, software engineers, UI/UX designers, and more. From product discovery, or developing MVPs, all the way to continuous development of established software products, our team is ready to tackle your project no matter what stage you are at. Our work is driven by our values; empathy, integrity & honesty, quality, humility, and teach. 

Our Approach

We believe startups and entrepreneurs need partners in the software development world, and we are that partner! We always incorporate a level of product management and design help to ensure that we are building “the right it.”

With the help of our product managers and UI/UX designers, we set our talented software architects and engineers to build the software product/tool that you’ve envisioned–all while staying budget conscious and agile!

Development Process

Meet with Us (for Free!)
Give us a call, open a chat, or send us an email. You'll speak to an expert that can show how we can help.
Within a Few Days
Gather Information and Make a Plan
We'll meet with you to gather more information about your business, your budget, and what resources will best fit your custom needs!
Within a Few Days
First Two Weeks
Get Started!
Your first two weeks will be spent with a Product Manager. They will complete product-market fit, competitor, and “build vs. buy” analysis, customer research, UI/UX mockups and wireframes, and more. After that, they’ll plan your first development sprint.

We do this to make sure that we’re aligned with what you’re envisioning, and to ensure that we don’t assign developers work (while spending your valuable money) before we are on the same page!
First Two Weeks
We stay on top of things for you
We assign part-time to full-time Software Architects, Software Engineers, and Quality Assurance team members to your project, and will start the first of many Agile Sprints!

Additionally we setup daily scrum meetings, bi-weekly sprint meetings and retrospectives, and monthly end of month reviews.

Octaria's Mission

Efficiently and humbly provide founders, startups, and entrepreneurs with quality resources to grow and achieve success.

Octaria's Vision

To enable every entrepreneur, startup founder, creative, and visionary the ability to accomplish their dreams, regardless of resources they currently have at their disposal.

Our Core Values






We have a transparent and upfront culture. We accurately track hours. We communicate concerns as they arise.

We feel with our customers, and we care. We always seek to understand. We work with our partners to save time and money during their critical application build.

“Forever a student”” – we recognize that we have more to learn from others. We respond to disagreements with a “yes and” mentality

We have a customer-first mentality that drive interactions leading to great results. We enforce a strict focus on quality development best practices.

We are greater than the sum of our parts.

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