CTO Services - Fractional and Part Time

CTO Services – Fractional and Part Time

Octaria Software offers fractional and part time CTO services. A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a crucial part of any growing software company. A CTO is responsible for creating and developing the overall technical vision of the product. A highly skilled CTO will lead your engineering team to build efficiently and with quality, make the product and business vision a reality, and help reduce costs. 

Many growing companies do not have the ability to hire a CTO full-time due to the high demand & cost. Additionally, many startups may not want to give up significant equity to bring on a technical cofounder. With Octaria’s part-time or fractional CTO services, you can hire an expert CTO for a fraction of the cost.

CTO Responsibilities

A CTO has many responsibilities revolving around a firm’s use of technology. CTOs are the creative, analytical, logical, and realistic minds behind a company’s technological direction. Some of these responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Oversees and manages a firm’s use of technology
  • Technical Strategy
  • Managing a dev team
  • Critical thinking
  • Researching consumer behavior
  • Planning and implementing software and technology solutions for consumers
  • Planning and implementing software and technology solutions for employees
  • Developing high quality technology systems for a firm’s employees

What is the Difference Between a Part Time and Fractional CTO?

While you may think these terms are interchangeable, they are different. Both types of CTOs oversee the use of technology in a firm. However, fractional CTOs typically only oversee a fraction; typically focusing on a specific area. On the other hand, part time CTOs oversee everything while only working on a part time basis.


Fractional CTO vs Part Time CTO


When to Hire a Fractional CTO

A fractional CTO can be hired anytime you need technical help. Fractional CTOs can fulfill a portion of the same duties as a full time CTO, while fully focusing on specific areas of technology.

  • If your firm has an existing technological system, but is struggling in a specific area, a fractional CTO is perfect for you. Fractional CTOs will be able to put all their focus in your area of struggle, resulting in innovating existing systems.
  • Wanting to add a new feature to an existing app, product, or website? Octaria’s Fractional CTO services allow you to smoothly release changes and new features for consumers to use.
  • Product development issues? This is a perfect time to let a fractional CTO step in and help you out. Fractional CTOs have experience in many industries due to them being hired as temporary contractors. This has given them the skills to develop and launch products in ANY industry.

When to Hire a Part Time CTO

A part time CTO can also be hired anytime you need technical help. However, they generally oversee the entire use of technology within a firm.

  • If you need a CTO, but do not have the financial resources to hire one full time then a part time CTO would be perfect with you. Fractional CTOs have seen many different problems due to working for many different firms. You will be able to get the brains and qualifications of a full-time CTO, for a fraction of the price.
  • If you are a rapidly growing firm, you are more than likely going to have data spread all over the place that is hard to keep up with (employee information, customer information, product orders, website data, the list goes on). Part time CTOs help implement technology systems to make keeping up with company data a breeze.
  • If your CTO has stepped down and you need a professional with experience to temporarily (or permanently) oversee your existing systems, hiring a part time CTO would be a great option.

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