Octaria Software offers fractional and part-time product management services. Product management is an essential role within the product development team, acting as the bridge between the business, UX/UI team, and engineering teams. Product management helps to align each team and provide a clear vision and strategy.

How Product Managers Work With Other Teams:

UX/UI: PMs keep a customer’s user experience top of mind and focus on ensuring the product

Engineering: PMs lead the direction of the product and inform engineering teams what needs to be built

Business: PMs help to bridge the gap between design, development, the customer, and the business and achieve the business objectives.

Responsibilities of a Product Manager

Product managers will take on many key roles including:

  • Understand the audience
  • Understand the market and the competitors
  • Strategic planning
  • Prioritizing features/updates
  • Building/Managing product roadmaps
  • Go-to-market strategies and release management
  • Interfacing with and owning the engineering relationship
  • Monitoring and analyzing post-product launches

Benefits of a Part-Time or Fractional Product Manager

Part-time and fractional product managers will bring in strategy and leadership to your product development team. Hiring a PM part-time or fractionally will reduce costs, bring in fresh perspectives, ensure there is a clear vision, and create and maintain product roadmaps.

Why you should hire a Part-Time or Fractional Product Manager

If you are looking to align the product to the audience and business vision, a product manager will help to build and maintain that bridge. Product managers help to communicate what customers needs are from the product to ensure the dev and design teams are