Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

What is a Minimum Viable Product? (MVP)

An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a product with just enough features to be used by customers. MVPs allow startups to get feedback from customers very early to help aid in future product development. Startups and companies that are young in their product development can benefit greatly through MVP development.

Examples of Minimum Viable Products

Minimum viable product

Many of the most popular companies started out with just an MVP. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Zappos all started out as minimum viable products. These companies started out small to test the market with their idea and kept improving to become what they are today.

Your business/startup may not need an advanced product to hit the ground running. Web apps, mobile apps, and even a simple landing page can work wonders for your business. Once your product is released, you can receive feedback from customers to learn how you can work towards continued improvement.

How will an MVP Benefit You?

MVP Benefits

MVPs will provide many benefits to your business. One notable benefit is the cost effectiveness on MVPs. Your business will have a product that is ready to bring to market, without the costs of developing a highly developed product. MVPs allow your business to spend the smallest amount of money while bringing your product idea to life.

Another benefit of MVPs is being able to get feedback on your product very quickly from real customers. This allows you to make changes, improvements, and adjustments in your product’s beginning stages. The feedback received will help you eventually develop your MVP into a highly profitable product.

What does Octaria Offer in Terms of MVPs?

Octaria's MVPs

When it comes to minimum viable products, many companies really focus on the minimum aspect of the product. At Octaria, we strive to ensure the product is viable to ensure you get quality feedback on your product. On top of the initial development on the MVP, we offer continued support, development, and improvement to turn your idea into the best product it can become.

Octaria works with all kinds of businesses. Whether you are an established business with a new product idea, or a brand-new startup with only a vision, we are here to help. Bringing ideas to life is our passion, and we would love to make your idea a reality.

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