Product Management Services

Fractional and Part Time Product Management Services

Octaria Software offers fractional and part-time product management services. Product management is an essential role within the product development team, acting as the bridge between the business, UX/UI team, and engineering teams. Product management helps to align each team and provide a clear vision and strategy.

Product Management Services

How Product Managers Work With Other Teams


PMs keep a customer’s user experience top of mind and focus on ensuring the product


PMs lead the direction of the product and inform engineering teams what needs to be built


PMs help to bridge the gap between design, development, the customer, and the business and achieve the business objectives.

Benefits of a Part-Time or Fractional Product Manager

Part-time and fractional product managers will bring in strategy and leadership to your product development team. Hiring a PM part-time or fractionally will reduce costs, bring in fresh perspectives, ensure there is a clear vision, and create and maintain product roadmaps.

What are the Responsibilities of a Product Manager?

Understanding the audience

Product managers study the market and the competitors to find the right competitive advantage for their products.

Understanding the market and the competitors

Understanding the audience is important for a product manager to be able help clients prioritize the most important features.

Strategic Planning

Product managers are responsible for the strategic planning that goes into creating amazing software products

Prioritizing Features & Updates

Prioritizing features and updates is a very large part of a product manager’s job

Building/Managing Product Roadmaps

Building and managing roadmaps are a great part of a product managers duties. 

Go-to-Market Strategies and Release Management

Product managers come up with go to market strategies and manage releases.

Interfacing With and Owning the Engineering Relationship

Product managers communicate business goals and maintain ownership of the relationship with the engineering team.

Monitoring and Analyzing Post-Product Launches

When a product launches, the work is not over. Product managers constantly improve products and monitor the application forever!

Why you should hire a Part-Time or Fractional Product Manager

If you are looking to align the product to the audience and business vision, a product manager will help to build and maintain that bridge. Product managers help to communicate what customers needs are from the product to ensure the dev and design teams are

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